Feedbacks by Pure Emu Oil user in Singapore

From Fluffychan,
Hi Gal,
Thanks for the arrangement i received my items yesterday.
The pure emu oil is good in relieving the itchiness of my daughter’s & my mosquitoes bites and it helps to subsiding the bumps too.
I tried to use the emu oil to massage on my aching legs & shoulder last night, and surprising when i woke up this morning my aching has be relieved a lot.
Will be back for the bigger bottle pure emu oil soon.

From Sarah Keh,
Hi, i used the eye cream for few days, it penetrates well in my eyes area..like the smell too. I want to give a try of the emu oil since it can be use for so many purposes…there is my order. Thks

From Katwong
Hi, I’m back to get a bigger bottle of emu oil.
After applying the emu oil on my son burning wound for almost a week,I can really see the effectiveness.The redness has subsized substantially, he no longer complain about the itchness of the healing process.It moistures the skin very well and I think it is really good for dry skin.Thumbs up for a great product.
My order 250ml emu oil.Self collect.

From Meinme,
Not sure is in my mind or it’s true. After 1 application on my scars, I see it lighten this morning!!!

From Moonsky,
Hi, my boy kind of stop scratching once we applied the oil 🙂
My face kind of itch the other night and I tried the facial nourishing and the itch stopped! For the face nourishing, do I apply juz once a day? Will it make my face oily if I applies day & night?

From Ylang Ylang,
Hi ,one of my behind right ear is dry,painful and I think is rotten ,think is I use to wearing earring to sleep last time,and use to sleeping on my right side,though now I no longer wear my earring to sleep,but still will wear during the day,will feel so empty without earring,and that result my skin condition behind my ear never had a chance to heal,but after apply the emu oil once a day for a few days,it really get a lot better,and no more painful

From Xynn,
i have received the oil and after 2 days applying on my 19mths old girl who has eczema on her arms, the rashes has subsided alot! it’s really a life-saver as i don’t really like using steriod creams on her and the moisturizers dont help in calming down her skin.
Will be ordering the big bottle when my current bottle finishes.

From Panda baby,
Hee.. I am back for more as this pure emu oil really heals my recently itchy & sensitive skin just after 1 or 2 application.
Btw, payment has just been made to your account. Pls check your email for the details. Thanks.

From Yokoh,
I’m back for more. My boy had HFMD. Together with the cream the doc prescribed, his rashes cleared well. I find the oil good in relieving the itch and scarring.
Will like to have 1x 50ml and 1x 200ml.

From Pinkdemoness,
hi, gotten my item ystdy and tried on my son… i really thank u for bringing in such a fantastic product… he had a mozzie bite ystdy and as usual it swell to a bump… but after application only once, not only did e swell subsided the next day, my dear boy didnt even scratch it even once and he loves applying it too compared to other ointments as it doesnt sting… will recommend to my frds with children… thumbs up!

From Psty
My skin is so fussy that i cant use any of the retail products until i found u n emu oil. thank god.

From Hyacinth
I’ve tried it on my gal leg, and she stop complaining pain and itchy.

From Klara’s Mummy,
Hi all,
Just to share my experience after letting my husband try the pure emu oil that I’ve ordered. My husband has very bad eczema on his chest and legs. After applying the emu oil once daily for about 2 weeks, he saw improvements. The itchiness and red patches were lesser. A very honest feedback is that the oil will not completely heal his eczema but it provides a certain degree of relief for him as an alternative to steroid creams. The improvements are seen only after about 2 weeks, not miracle healing la…but worth a try if u have tried other creams n doesnt work n do not wish to use steroid.

From Meinme,
I’ve read about the wonder of EMU oil from some websites and chanced upon this BP thread.
My primary usage is to reduce the scaring on my legs, my legs have pigmentation problem, that is, even a little scratch will leave scars. I’ve used the oil 2 times daily and my scars have lightened over the weeks. I had taken the advise from the organiser to apply on my whole legs, not just the scars. I do not have any add-on scars for the last 2 weeks!!!
Another issue that I have is very dry lip thought I drink a lot of water, to the extend of bleeding, after apply for a few days, my lip has improved and more moist now.
I’ve used the EMU oil on insert bites and itch on my 5 years old, instant relief for her!!! even better than the aloe vera gel that we have used for a long long time.
I’ve just started to use on my growing stomach on top of the market famous brand of stretch mark oil, it works wonder for me. Why did I use? I saw some stretch marks starting to form on my tights!!! Just checked this morning, it’s not there anymore!!!

From Alicia,
Hihi my gal mosquito bite scar had really lighten after applying the emu oil That why also get bottle for my sister for Xmas.

From Jesslyn,
My son has just finished a bottle of the emu oil on his eczema skin.
Glad to say that most of the marks/scars have lightened, and he has stopped scratching.
He even asked me to put the oil for him before he goes to bed every night.
I have bought another bigger bottle from fave, and will be introducing it to my mom and SIL.

From Storeberry,
Hi Fave,
Pardon me for my late reviews. My elder son had about 5 mosquito bites one day & they were red & sore, I apply emu oil & the next day it actually subsides & he don’t scratch it anymore. The scar actually heal very fast!! Thanks for the great product

From Madeline,
Hi Serene, I wanna rave so much for these awesome products!
Nothing to be ashame off, I’ve been having recurrent vagina infection, sometimes causing irritation at the vagina area. I guess alot of ladies may have experience what I’ve went thru before. The itch can be very unbearable..
After applying Emu oil tgt with the usage of the Emu Goat Milk soap, the swell subside and I no longer feel itchy! Doc have prescribe me anti fungal cream but I dare not use because of the harsh chemicals. What more is at the most sensitive area. I don’t dare to take risk and apply on it. Thanks to Emu oil, I’ve finally find the best medicine to stop my itch and have been applying it everyday!
As for the Emu soap, it’s the best cleansing facial wash I’ve ever use! My face is very sensitive to facial products and tend to have outbreak if I use the wrong soap. Emu soap doesn’t give me such problem! In fact it makes my face smoother and less oiler. Same goes for the shampoo, less oiler scalp after a whole working day.
& I hope Emu oil will cure my bf horrible foot rot due to prolong boots wearing when he used to be in the army.. Definitely will come back for more products after using up the current ones.
Thanks for listening to my blabbering and have a good day ahead!

From Judy
I’ve very severe palms eczema (causing lost of fingerprints and need to carry doctor’s certified letter when going overseas). I’ve tried many many products but no product works on me. But this emu oil really surprised me cos’ it is not oily at all (only shiny) when applied.
The pure emu oil works very well for my eczema and I’m back to try more products. Finally, I’ve found this wonderful products :-))

From Memoryscrap,  Hi, 
I would like to give my testimony after using Emu oil. 
Just 3 days before CNY, I had very bad skin irritation around my nose till it peeled and bled terribly. As I am aware of Emu oil from this forum, I immediately emailed my urgent order to Fave concepts and although I incurred a hefty urgent courier fee of $18, it was well spent! 
The sore & redness, peeled skinned nose was completely healed by CNY eve and on 1st day of CNY, I was looking perfectly normal and of course in my top form 
My only regret is that I din get to snap a before and after photo of it. 
Now, I’m diligently using it on some scars on my legs and am positive that those scars will be lighten in just few weeks time! 
Thanks for the wonderful product!! 
PS : I am also using the eye cream, nourisher for my face as well as shampoo. So far, the eye cream and nourisher are working very well and my face is smoother and my skin tone seems better.

From Kathy 
, Hi, I’m back for the third purchase. 
To feedback to you, the emu oil is so useful for my family that I’ve recommended to my sis whose gal and boy had very bad eczema. 2 days after she took it frm me, she came back and sang praises for the pdt. Over CNY, I saw her kids and I know why. Her kids’ skin condition have improved so much! The arm and joint areas are now smooth and the black patches used to be there, were gone. She went on to purchase more pdts frm you, incl. the eye cream, face cream, shampoo and conditioner. She tried the eye cream and said its very good. Because of her, I also bought the eye cream. Although I didn’t see the effect on myself as much as it had on my sis, I must say the cream is not oily at all. Now I’m back for more because my sis in laws overheard our conversations and wanted to buy for their family as well. Pls advise total amount. Thks.

From Nana, I don’t know how it works, but it clears up skin problems. I already notice clearer, softer skin. Great product !!!

From Helen, Thank you for your fast despatch. I have received the items yesterday. Used it immediately on my younger gal’s tummy(I applied peppermint oil when she complained abt tummy ache, but was shocked to see her tummy turned itchy and rough the next day!!!) 
After application I found my hand was very oily. but I waited for a while and it was fully absorbed. Then I tried on my eczema right hand. This time it took slightly longer to be fully absorbed, but my skin was not so tight and taut(My skin will get so dry it tears and bleeds on the slightest stretching of my hand/fingers). 
Will continue to monitor my younger gal’s tummy and have started to use it on my elder gal’s eczema hands, legs and face. 
Thank you for introducing this product. Looking forward to giving you good news about our eczema conditions.

From Little Abby,  Hi I have been using emu oil for almost 2 weeks, looks like there’s improvement on my scars, when there’s new itch / rash, it’s gone faster or not getting worse when i apply the oil 
still continue using it and hope can get rid of the ugly scars, even though i think it’ll take sometime 
would like to get the body lotion this time, by registered mail, pls 
just checking, i recently found out that my hair drops more than usual, not sure why 
my hair is dry and i dun think my scalp is oily, i do use henna once a month cos i have alot of grey hair 
i read on the above postings that i can apply emu oil on my scalp? 
wont it cause dandruff cos i believe it’ll make the scalp oily if applied regularly

From Pyxis, great product, cleared my dry, flaking skin from allergy fast

From Sharon Chew, received the items super fast. 
Gotta write some good reviews here. 
Initially, bought the products cos following the crowd. Saw many good reviews on the thread so decide to try half heartedly. Many people bought and returned again so I buy lor. 
Tried the shampoo, on the 3rd day, I realized that my hair loss is being controlled. I have permed hair and it has been falling since the first day I permed my hair. I used to have “enough” hair at my forehead until it fell nearly to 2 big holes at the side of my forehead. My forehead looks bald and high… not nice when I tie my hair. 
I tried the shampoo for 1 week and I am so happy I see baby hair growing out again and was surprised that after every hair wash, I don’t see more than 3 strand of hair on my palm! To me, it’s was like i found a savior cos I tried few brands for hair loss and nothing is like EMUSE! PAiod more than 200 for some hair loss japan shampoo but effect not that good. Love the smell of both shampoo and conditioner. However, those who have very very dry hair, gotta use an alternative after using the conditioner. Cos I think the conditioner is for normal hair type. Price is reasonable for such good quality products. Thumbs up! 
Eye cream is not very oily but must really massage to make sure it’s fully absorb so I normally pat in the cream. After 3 days, lines are less visible. Dark eye circles are only reduce after 1 week of usage. Overall, it’s a wonderful product. 
EMUSE oil, needless to say more. It’s certified by all users who have tried EMUSE oil. My kids love it! Now, I even apply on my hubby dry joints. I applied on my stretch marks which I had like 10 yrs ago. It did some lightening and I believed if I am hardworking enough to put it on every day, I can reduce the marks very soon. although I really wish to see all these ugly stretch marks disappear. But the lightening part is enough to make me happy. 
Thanks for bringing in such good products.

From Yiwen,
Hi Serene,
Started used the emu oil for my girl, I found her toe skin has dry & no more redness that only started to use 3 days ago. I’m very happy because this show recovers sign and she has stopped scratching.
She has eczema skin & her toe skin was cracking since 5mths ago, I have tried several products but no significant improvement.
Thanks for bringing in such good products!

Lynne ( little tiger)
Hello Serene
Wld just like to thank u for the great product you have there
Emu oil is so handy for us on a daily basis. I use it as serum, moisturizer, eye cream all in one. Esp useful for burns too!
I hv also recently fallen in love with the shampoo too. Makes hair so soft, less dry and feels clean after washing. My gal’s hair is tangle free too after using it!
Once again, thanks for the great product, and thanks for being a superb and sweet seller. U r almost like a friend to me now!
God Bless!

From Roslin Kwan Hi Fave, Thumbs up for such wonderful products. I must let you know how emu oil and Emu omega capsules benefited my family. I’ve suffered from tooth ache last few nights and i thought I should try to use the Emu omega capsules by biting on one to distribute the oil on the gum. The swelling and soreness was gone within 2 hours and till now I am not suffering any pain. *cross fingers*

My hushand who is suffering pains in the finger/thumb joints and gout. After taking Emu omega capsules for 2 weeks, the pains and aches disappeared and his gout problem didnt visit him as well!
Lastly my MIL who is suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol for many years. She gets bruise/ cuts easily. After apply emu oil on her wound, she said that the recovery is faster and numbess has lessen. Her LDL and blood sugar levels drop too.
I am fully convinced and have to take my daily dose!
I will need to order 2 bottles of Emu Omega capsules, 250ml pure emu oil and Facial Nourisher. Will you have ready stocks usually?

From Joyusbaby
Hi Serene,
Thanks for the quick delivery! ☺
A feedback on the Emuse products:
The handmade soap is creamy and smooth to apply. It is moisturizing on the skin too. No dry and tight feeling after washing on the body and face. The fragrance is mild, natural and comforting. My 5 years old toddler loves it for bathing. I even use it to bathe my 5 months old baby.
My toddler likes the Emu oil body lotion. She likes the fragrance and the moisturizing feel after application. She even reminds me to apply on her after her shower.
The facial nourisher is not greasy when applied. It is easily absorbed by the skin. The organic eye cream is rich and moisturizing. Goodbye to fine lines!
My lower lip was cracked with an open wound for days. It was painful to open my mouth wide. But after applying the pure Emu oil, I could open my mouth wide without pain on the next day! And on the second day, the wound has closed up! I am amazed of the healing properties of the pure Emu oil!
I have been searching for a safe baby oil to massage my baby. Now that I have found the pure Emu oil, I am assured that my baby is receiving the best benefits and even when she puts her hands into her mouth after massaging, i know it’s safe.
Thanks for bringing in such excellent products!!! ☺

From Olivia
Hi Serene,
I highly recommend to use the pure Emu oil to massage on babies or apply in between the folds on their neck, arms and legs.
The pure Emu oil is highly penetrating. This means after application on the skin, it is non-greasy as the oil absorbs into the skin fast without leaving a greasy feel.
About 15 mins after massaging my baby with the pure Emu oil, her skin feels supple and soft. No greasy feel at all. And no more redness in between the folds on her neck, arms and legs.

From Fishyball, –  am back for bigger bottle!! It works as a magic for my son itchy and crack skin. He wants to be massage twice a day a and almost finish the 50ml within a week. Now he doesn’t scratch his neck and chest in the middle of the night since the day we started applying emu oil on his whole body. I should have know this great product earlier!! Need 250ml this round.

From Jkids,- i lent my mil to try the emu oil as she has muscle pain for yrs on and off, and guess what, she told me it does relieve her pain. i am amazed! should she apply only when pain comes or stop the pain fr coming by applying it on daily basis even though there is no pain?

From : Colourful rainbow house, Dear Serene, I had been notices about your Emuse BP for quite sometimes back just that not in the hurry of getting as at that time, I m still using existing prats ) CHANCES r here :p because i need to stock up my prdts before was totally finished…Seriously speaking, i did do a research about it & plus m all the while using as much as non nasty chemicals prdts for my whole family. I told myself why dont give a try as different ppl reacts differently…so I ordered a bundle deal on hair care set, the soaps and purchase with purchase of e lip conditioner ) The moment I had recd e items (TQ for your quick delivery)..i quickly applied e lip conditioner on my DD’s lower lip which was cracked with an open wound for days ( I did applied another brand of lip balm for her (quite a good brand too) and it took times to recover. But after applying e lip conditioner, I could see the wound had closed up after about 1 hrs plus minus!! Her lip become more condition. I am amazed of the healing properties of the prats!! FYI, I have a very sensitive/oily skin on e Tzone/ dry skin plus easily get clog pores if I used a very oily prdts soo m very careful on my skin care. So on the same night, I used the pure emuse oil on my old stubborn acne scar plus the small patch of pigmentation on my cheeks…And on the next day, the acne scar seems got lighter plus e acne too! Now I start using it as serum twice for my whole face including eye area and neck area too after my toner all in one.Nowadays, it has been so handy for me on a daily basis ) Hope to give you more good reviews after I try out the hair care set and e soap ;p  Thanks for bringing in such excellent prdts!! )

From: Nadenmama, – hi Fave,  thanx for the arrangement for self-collection last sat. I’m using it for the first time n it works wonders!! my boy’s rash was cleared in 3 days. I’m back for more.

 From: Sally – Hi, Received the items last Saturday. A pity the courier guy didn’t bother to give me a call beforehand. Nevertheless, am very glad with this emu oil. My gal got bitten by mozzies, applied it on the bites n almost instantly she didn’t feel the itches. After few hours later, amazingly the swellness from the bites subsided. Thanks for the great product

From: Veron Lim, – Hi Hi Ladies,,just want to give my own testimonial. I bought emu oil from fave concepts about 1 month ago. My 4YO girl has ichthyosis vulgaris, which the doctor told me there is no special cream for that. Just need to put intensive moisturizer. The skin at her wrist/hands are flaking and certain parts are black.;(I  apply emu oil(together with dermaveen moisturizer) about 3 times per day, the black parts lighten and skin not flaking anymore!;) (although her skin is stil dry and wrinkled , as usual)  Thanks for introducing me this product. Shall continue to use on her skin. Hopefully will turn better!

From: Melissa, – Hi Faveconcepts, I have chronic eczema and it’s severe. I get stares from people who thinks I have rotten leg. it’s very annoying and I spent so much money at national skin centre doing a ” shining ” treatment that cost me $15 for 30secs/ week!!! Today is my 6th day applying emu oil and it’s amazing to see it clearing up. I’m grateful to you for bringing these products to us. Now I can stop all the steroid creams because I know emu oil will help me. Thank U so much

From Quackers, Hi fave concepts, I ordered from you some time ago… didn’t think of using this for the bad eczema on my legs. Just tot of using it 2 weeks ago and it really did wonders… it is now healing nicely and am glad i don’t have to use steroids anymore.. am back to get the 100ml bottle of emu oilcan i purchase the lip conditioner at the special price?

From Chayanne,
Thanks for bring in such a great product, just use for 4 days and my dandraff and itchy scalp is gone. The dog shampoo that i recommend is really super wonderful no words can describe at all. My mix breed dog have been suffering frm skin condition for 6 years. Spending more than 3k on vet, change of diet and medicated shampoo but nothing help. My hubby that scold for waste $ again when i buy the dog shampoo saying that nothing will help. but after shampoo my dog yesterday, today suddenly telling me to buy extra bottle to stock up bcos the skin redness and dry flake is reduce 90%. I m extremely happy with ur products and I m hoping that u will continue brging in the products.

From Nadenmama,
I’m back for more. I recommended a friend who has been bothered by eczema for a long time. I pass some mine for her to try. After 2 days, she asked if I can order for her and a day later,she asked again when can she get it as she finished those I gave her, using it to apply her whole face, lol!! I sold her my extra bottle. She loves the texture of her skin after using it
I like to get an anti-ageing set, one bottle of 100ml pure emu oil.
What is the next size after 100ml? Can I just store in normal room temp?

From: Babaka,
hi Fave
i hv bought from u the pure emu oil and emy capsule before. emu oil has helped to remove stubborn dead skin from both my soles that had blister eczema in just a half bottle use. should i keep the balance of emu oil in room temperature or fridge?
for the unfinished emu capsules which i have kept in fridge right now,can i pierce open the emu capsules for its oil to apoly on eczema or as daily moistriser if i don’t want to eat capsules?

From Jkids,
hi serene
jus popped by to say hi. have ordered a few times from you. been applying emu oil on my knee cap and leg ankle/sole to prevent pain coz everyday carry bb to nanny’s house to and fro. so far so good after i apply everyday.
wanan praise you for your service – prompt delivery and patience in answering all questions.

From Dearkids,
Still rem ME ? Bought the Emu oil & lip condition from u to cure the dry ugly patch located at my daughter’s lip…Should have bought the Emu oil from u earlier so that i wont need to waste so much monies on other brand products..Really thumb Up for Emu oil,it’s a Wonder product, no wonder u are 100% sure that it can definitely cured my worries in fact,effective results can be seen after a 3rd application & my daughter likes to apply the lip condition too,she says it smell NICE
I will try to post the ‘before’ & ‘after’ pic here to share..
Today, I would like to purchase the shampoo for trying , can it cure hair fall ? Thanks

From Gigi
I was attracted to try Emu and ckearskin range of products to treat my open pores and old acne scars. However after 2 weeks, I am surprised I attained more results than I sought for.Starting to see
– skin renewal around pores/scar area (hoping by 3rd month, more significant results)
– eyes are brighter, dark eye rings lighter
– face more glowy, clearer & smoother
I am very impressed that my flabby squared face firmed up, turning “V”, laughing & frown lines reduced. For kids’ rashes especially big swollen bites had fast recovery. Hope to see further positive results.
Serene, I need to top up the skin nourisher, can u contact me when u are back.

From Gwenrya
Hi Serene,
Am so glad I bought another bigger bottle of Emu oil frm u. Younger girl had terrible outbreak of red puffy rashes frm face, body, hands, legs to feet. Was scratching non stop and i was so helpless as clinic was not open. Applied Emu oil instead, within 30 mins, slowly subsided, itchiness was gone. Believe the haze had a big impact on her. Now, whenever she itch, will look for the Emu oil. May need another bigger bottle soon as she still hav random flare ups. Still Have stock right.

From Mrs Hot
Hello, please allow me to share my testimonial here.
After seeing so many reviews in the forum, I decided to give emu oil a try.
I have always been bothered by eczema and dry scaly leg. Once the itch starts I can never stop scratching, and always ended up with a bruised leg full of brown marks after it healed. So I started by faithfully massaging it onto my legs after shower everyday. After about 2 weeks, I noticed that my legs are not that dry and the marks are lightened. Hooray!!! I don’t deny I am turned off by it’s smell and texture but who cares if I can see result.
After my condition improved, I tend to use it less often *lazy* But I do keep a small bottle of it in my bag. Whenever there any bites or itch instead of scratching I will dab the emu oil onto it. Like this I can prevent brown marks after it healed. Thumb up Emu oil!
Next I will pass it to my dad for his psoriasis problem. Shall see how Emu oil works it miracle.

From Xinjie,  Hi Serene, This oil is working wonders and I just have to give it my testimonial —I’ve been haunted my eczema since I was a kid — from my neck to the back of my knees. As I grew older, the eczema start to disappear on it’s own. Unfortunately, I got back from a trip to Korea several months back with eczema on my under eye area. Trust me, this has got to be the worst area to have eczema. The itch is crazy, and the wrinkling was out of control, especially for someone with dark eye circles — it’s depressing. I consulted a GP and a dermatologist whom both assigned me with hydrocortisone (steroids) which thins the skin. It helped at first, but when the condition flares up again, I told myself, I’d gotta stop relying on this drug. I started googling for remedies and bought whatever I thought could work — vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, petroleum jelly, manuka honey rescue cream, 2 – 3 moisturising/eye creams (I wouldn’t name which brand since it’s subjective), eye masks, etc — I was desperate. None of which worked, some would even sting the skin. I went on to try fish oil supplements, which seem to help improve the condition, till I applied foundation on the area (wrong move) which cause the skin to flare up, yet again. The fish oil didn’t help anymore.

Few days later (good thing it was just a few days), I saw an ad from Emuse. I felt skeptical at first, looking at the website, the product’s photos and video — I wasn’t too sure if I should trust the source. But out of desperation, I decided to give it a shot.
Just 2 days of application, the dry skin got washed away while I was cleansing my face. I’m on the 5th day of application now, there’s still minimal dry skin on my under eye, but I would say, it has recovered 98%. You know that the product is legit/all-natural when it doesn’t heal your condition straightaway, unlike steroids.
I’ll continue applying Emuse Emu Oil religiously, probably till I’m totally immune from any flare-ups. On a side note — for such an amazing product, I think it deserves a much better branding image/product placement. Everyone suffering from awful skin conditions like mine should get to know about it!

From Ah Gal  ~ Hi, i received the emu oil on Friday. And i did try applied on one spot on my forehead. After 1 hour, the spot did shrink. So i decided to try on my whole face. Luckily, the next day my face did not become worse. I did tried on my daughter on sat afternoon as well. She hit her mouth onto her bed and there was a bruise on her mouth and quite swell. After 2 hours later, the bruise is shrink and no longer swell. the Emu oil is quite a good product. So i decide to purchase soap n facial balancer that you recommended few days ago and added some additional products.

From Samathab ~ Hi All !! This Emu Oil is a miracle oil! It really heal my acne and leave no scare on my face. Don’t expect it will heal next day… everyday i woke up i can see it slowly heal up tip no wound and no scare. 🙂
Now im applying to see if it can heal my old scar on my face and body, stretch mark and i also have very dry lips. I can see my scar have lighten, my white stretch mark line is thinner and my lip is more moist.
I also let my son applied on his hand, just like hand cream. I dont know why since young, his finger always had those soft peel off skin. So i also let him apply before he sleep now. It works well on him too!!
Im using their hair care product too!! Really good!!! After using less than 5 time.. i feel the difference. When i washed my hair now, i can see less hair on my hand
Hope the above testimony help those buyer like me… i was skeptical about it when i bought. I first bought the roll on 1 year ago but never try just put a side. Till one day, my acne got very bad so i decided to try. and the result was super amazing, even my colleagues were impress about it. But my pt maid broke my roll on but i still afraid because after 1 year will the product quality different. But it prove me wrong… it is still so amazing !
My EMU oil is running out, so I’m back for more. 🙂

From spree queen ~ I chance up this product after i was suffering from patches of red rashes on my face and was very despair over dermatologist comments about my eczema outbreak again and again for four months. Seen many doctors, “sinseh” and acupunture, but my condition was no where getting any better. Worst is the doctors mentioned that there is little medical reshearch in this area.
Thanks to Pure Emu Oil, after applied extensively for 3 days, I began to see improvements. Her immflated skin is no longer red but became flaky. After 2 weeks , she recovered.
You can refer to http://eczematips.net/
Emuuse Emu Oil from Australia which has very strict TGA. It is certified organic ingredients and Halal accredited.

From  Eejess ~ I agree with spree queen. I’ve been fighting the eczema on my daughter’s skin for 2 1/2 year. She got it when she’s 6 months old. It flare very badly once in awhile and I blame it on the food and the weather. I know is the reaction by the body immune system dat cause the eczema. I’ve apply steroids, use all kind of creams, moisturizers (from physiogel, California baby, Curel, Babyganics but I didn’t try Aveeno cos is under J&J) to control the flare. I was quite reluctant to use steroids as it will do more harm to the skin after a long run. Then I finally I tried emuse emu oil. It improved so much and fast!! Is not expensive and you jus need a small amt on each area and its absorption is superb! The eczema on her wrist, and back of her knees are all clear!! only left with a little tiny stubborn patch. Although now is almost cleared, I still applied the oil diligently over the areas for prevention and even on her dry and brittle hair. And also over insect bites. Recently I found out dat if apply emu oil over any creams/medications on skin, it actually helps to carry the creams/medications to penetrate into the skin deeper and faster and thus enhance the potency. eg, the swell and itch of mosquito bites subside faster. I would suggest go and get it. Give it a try now to ease the eczema.

From Sindy  ~ Few months back I had recommended it to my sister for her 8 months old baby boy. She was so heart broken that her bb boy had diaper sore plus rashes ( been almost 1 mths plus). Can you image how painful was the bb boy. She brought him to consulted PD still no use. Everyone were so worry about it…so I told her why don’t you give a try on Emu oil!! Really no harm of using it!! Who knows MiRACLE does happen!!

E moment I recd e goods from Serene, the next day I brought down to her home and applied on her bb boy. The bb boy did cried when I 1st time touched and applied on him but slowly he was HAPPY again!! Her MIL was so SHOCKED on it too hehehe I told my sister to be hardworking appling on him plus also using emus soap to shower him. i shared with her that even her elder DD, her hubby and PIL can use it too. E prats they r using r emus oil, emus soap, emus cap cum emus shampoo set.

Soon after a few days.. Her bb boy bottom sore and rashes were CALM dwn…she was so happy so does e bb boy!!

Next review is behalf of my brother family. My sister shared it with my SIL so my SIL came to me for some advises. My SIL was suffering form skin rashes like dry and itchy due to haze problems and my brother is suffering from Psoriasis for years. I gave her 1 bottle of it to try out. After a few weeks later, recd msg from her. My SIL shared that after using emu oil…her skin was under control so does my brother’s skin condition too. I am so happy for them…


From Samantha  -Hi Serene! Am back for more orders.:) This is really an amazing oil… this time I brought the oil with me for my holiday. It was winter season and is super cold.(abouy -5 degree) I applied the oil on my whole body,face and lip before I sleep and before I go out. I did this for my son too. My friends and their family use pure olive oil but still they had lip crack and face dry. Where else we are perfectly fine. Thus, is proven again how good is this oil. We also applied the lip balm.

The last 2 days there, my son hand palm suddenly very itch and his hand starts to peel very very badly. We suspected probably is because he fell when he ski and he forgotten to wear his gloves. So I keep applying the oil and when we are back, I also keep applying. But after few days, it starts to improve and after about 1 -2 weeks alomst recovered.

I passed some oil to my colleagues to and all their respond is super good. One of them with very bad acne on her back and and after applied it had reduced so much. Stretchmarks was lighten and is also good to apply when insect or mosquito bited it will reduce the itchness

From Jenny Tang- Thanks for the reply. The smell is the same and stored just next to the bottled emu oil. Should be fine to use, I trust. Btw, I managed to use the emu oil to reduce my stretch marks which helped a lot. Used to be very horrible but now it is not noticeable anymore unless you look closely. =)


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