Emuse- Emu Oil information

It’s important to know that we should only purchase Pure Emu Oil that is manufacture in Australia.

Reason due to TGA is very strict in Australia, and its almost impossible to import any other Country’s material therehence rest assure getting Australia’s Pure emu oil is definitely the highest quality of emu oil products.

Emuse Emu oil is rendered in a HACCP/GMP certified rendering plant.
Our approach to Emu oil is holistic, involving a combination of science, husbandry and oil rendering techniques because it has been scientifically proven that the quality of any Pure Emu oil depends on 3 main factors:

TYPE OF EMU (genotype)
HUSBANDRY INCL. FEED (Organic Farming)
OIL RENDERING TECHNIQUE (not removing the good qualities of the oil)

These three components are equally important and essential to produce the highest quality Pure Emu oil with the highest biological activity.

The emu oil stays intact during the rendering process not to add or delete anything. There are no added ingredients, preservatives or anti oxidants. The fat is rendered the ancient traditional way, taught by an Aboriginal Elder with 40 000 year old wisdom.

All the Pure Emu Oil from Emuse is of the highest “A grade” quality. We only provide pure emu oil that has the highest possible biological activity in the oil, this means it will give the best results.

Emuse pure emu oil is produced from farming with organic principles, it is HACCP and GMP certified for human consumption. Its also Halal certified ( certification is available on request.




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