Emu Oil for Rosacea

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What is Rosacea?
This is a disease affecting the skin of the face. It usually starts with redness on the cheeks and can worsen to include additional symptoms. Rosacea may be hard to recognize in its early stages because changes are gradual. As far as we know today, Rosacea cannot be cured, only controlled.

Rosacea is usually seen in adults, affecting fair-skinned people most often. Women get Rosacea more often than men, but men are more likely to develop rhinophyma. Drinking alcohol can make rosacea worse, even people who never drink alcohol can develop rosacea.

What Causes Rosacea?
There are many theories but none have been proven. Researchers now believe that there is some link between rosacea and “blushing”. This is a chronic condition. Symptoms may come and go in cycles. The condition may go in remission for a while, it is often followed by a worsening of symptoms (redness, pimples, red line or nasal bumps).

How Can Emu Oil Help Rosacea?
Using Pure Emu oil as part of your regime of skin care. it is important how and what you use to cleanse your face — and keeping your skin moist.
Follow a regular cleansing routine, using Emu oil soap or Emuse Foaming Tonic. Since Emu oil is a “tissue nutrient”, Emu oil soap/ Facial Tonic is gentle to the skin, and moisturizes the skin rather than drying it.
Recommendations to apply facial nourisher as a moisturizer to the skin after mild cleansing. Apply Emu oil to your skin 3 times per day ( even on top of your make up / moisturiser ) Emu oil is an excellent skin moisturizer which penetrates deep into the many layers of the skin. As Emu oil mirrors the composition of the lipid profile of human skin, you won’t find a better companion for your skin. Additionally, Emu oil contains anti-inflammatory properties , noncomedogenic thus it will not clog your pores.